Ninsiima John Chris

John Chris Ninsiima is a male with visual impairment. Chris is a graduate Education Officer, with a postgraduate fellow in Community Based Rehabilitation, Human Resources Management and a Master of Management Studies. Chris currently holds the position of Director, Programmes at NUDIPU.

He worked under Ministry of Education and Sports for over 20 years, the disability Sector, and as well, served in the Church at different levels.

During his career, he produced a huge human resource while serving under the Ministry of Education and Sports, advocated for several disability inclusive laws, practices and policies at different levels and fora. He was part of the team that developed, and presented the UN CRPD Alternative report at Geneva and has contributed towards construction of places of worship.



Kalyango David Director

Biography of Mr. Kalyango David

Kalyango David is a male with a physical disability. He has a Bachelor’s degree of science in mathematics and physics from Makerere University and a certified public accountants course from Institute of Certified Public accountants of Kenya. He taught at Mityana .SS. from 1993 to March 1998.
In March 1998, he joined NUDIPU as an accountant where he held that position upto 2013. He became the NUDIPU Finance and Administration manager from 2014 to June 2019 and he is currently the Director in charge of Finance and Administration from June 2019 to date.

David has been behind the growth of the NUDIPU financial internal control system and its general operations.

He has contributed to the progressive growth of donor funds in terms of numbers and amounts, financial reporting, unqualified audits.

And has progressively continued to support the general financial operations such as management and creating a conducive financial policy environment.

He has lived to support the growth of NUDIPU membership at district and national level. He has also contributed to the growth of other organizations of persons with disabilities in Uganda and continues to support and build the membership capacity in terms of training, monitoring and support supervision especially where NUDIPU has had projects over the years and ensured efficient functioning and documentation for all financial systems.

David has been an adviser to the NUDIPU Board of Directors on financial matters including being a secretary to the finance committee of the board. He also works with staff and board to develop and implement program and organizational budgets and programming.


Kyozira Esther