In accordance to the Standard Operating Procedures as directed by government, NUDIPU is continuing to operate during the 42 days lockdown period under the following guidelines;

  • Staff in the different districts such as Mpigi, Yumbe, Apac have obtained letters from their respective Resident District commissioners authorizing them to continue working while observing the standard operating procedures during the lockdown.
  • Issuing of motorcycles by NUDIPU to the field staff particularly under the iSAVE Economic Empowerment Programme has aided their mobility as they continue to implement the Programme activities especially during the lockdown period now that movement is restricted.
  • There has been observance of Social distancing when iSAVE group members attend. These have been in form of individual or very small groups of 5 to 10 people while ensuring that members sit at least 2 meters apart and high-risk members are strongly encouraged to stay home.
  • Most staff are working scientifically/ remotely.
  • Members in the saving groups are using digital methods of money transfers like mobile money and have protective gears like face masks plus sanitizers.