Project Objective

  •  Increased participation of boys and girls with disabilities in pre-primary, primary, and secondary education. 
  • Increased capacity of OPDs to improve inclusivity of the system for children with Disabilities. 
  • Improved inclusivity of the education system for children with Disabilities.
  • capacities on gender equality to support the rights of women with disabilities.
Project Goal

Improved access to quality inclusive pre-primary, primary, and secondary education for girls and boys with disabilities.

  • Norwegian Association of Disabled.
  • Atlas Alliance 
  • Teacher Capacity building, especially in-service teachers. 
  • Teacher educator Capacity building. 
  • Training Training Organisations of persons with disabilities on advocacy and raising awareness on inclusive education.
  • Identification, assessment, and compiling disability disaggregated data for learners with disabilities. 
  • Provision of assistive devices. 
  • Lobbying for education policies that cater to inclusive Education and ensure the existing ones are implemented. 
  • Providing technical support and training to mainstream education partners and the public at large.

NUDIPU has implemented various IE programs, however, the ones running now are the Together for Inclusion (TOFI) and the NORAD Framework Agreement (NFA).

TOFI is implemented in the 8 districts of Amuru, Gulu, Moyo, Yumbe, Mayuge, Luuka, Wakiso, and Mpigi in 67 primary schools and 8 secondary schools.

TOFI is a consortium program being implemented in partnership with Save the Children, Stromme Foundation, Hydrocephalus and Spinal Biffida Association of Uganda (SHAU), and the Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD), with funding from NORAD, Atlas Alliance, all from the Norwegian government.


Both TOFI and NFA started in 2020 and will end in 2024.

  • Over 8,000 teaching and non-teaching primary and secondary school teachers have been trained in the inclusive learning approach.
  • Over 1,000 learners have received assistive devices to aid their mobility
  • About 50 classroom blocks have been constructed to aid in accommodate the increasing numbers of out of school being enrolled in the pilot schools
  • Wash facilities for both male and female learners have been constructed
  • Home learning materials were supplied to learners with disabilities during the lockdown to aid learning continuity
  • Feeding programs have been supported and introduced in the pilot schools
  • District Unions have received capacity building on how to conduct advocacy and raise awareness of the need for educating children with disabilities.
  • District Unions have  been supported to develop five-year strategic plans, with a lot of focus on promoting inclusive Education
  • Advocacy manuals have been developed to support the work of the District Unions.
  • The program has held 3 successful symposiums, these are platforms for sharing best practices in implementing inclusive Education

Projects Statistics

Alot has been accomplished and more to come

Time Flame: Sept 2021 to 2024 October

Area of Operation: Kasese and Buvuma districts


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Teachers Trained


Classroom blocks constructed


Learners Received Assistive Devices


Successful Symposiums

Project Sponsors

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