Disability Inclusive Livelihood intervention during and post COVID 19 response in Uganda

Disability Inclusive Livelihood intervention

Project Objectives

Improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities through inclusive livelihoods and access to health care services in Kasese and Buvuma Districts by December 2024

Expected Outcomes
  • Improved ability of persons with disabilities to earn sustainable incomes during and post COVID 19 situations.
  • Increased access on health, reproductive rights and Covid19 persons with disabilities, youth and other members of the community.

Target Group

  • 3,000 beneficiaries enrolled in VSLA of which at least 1,800 are Persons with Disabilities.
  • 250 Persons with Disabilities will benefit from mobility and assistive devices. In the VSLA groups formed at least 60% must be persons
    with disabilities, 25% caretakers and 15% other community members, this is intended to promote integration.
  • Out of the total beneficiaries at least 54% shall be females and males 46%.
  • 25% of the total beneficiaries shall be youths who will benefit from vocational skills training.

Project Sponsors

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