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The National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU) is an indigenous
umbrella NGO of Persons with Disabilities formed on 14th November 1987.
NUDIPU brings together all categories of disabilities including the physical,
sensory, intellectual and mental impairments. NUDIPU has always worked to
break the tradition that tended to treat Persons with Disabilities as objects of
charity and not full participants in the development processes in Uganda.


NUDIPU’s participation in the development process is guided by the following
• Nothing for us without us
• Disability is not inability
• Unity and working together in pursuit of our

Why Choose Us:
NUDIPU in collaboration with DPOs and other disability stakeholders, prioritized for the next five years (2020-2024) the following goals;
-NUDIPU and DPOs capacities are strengthened to deliver on their mandates.
-Policies of government and other actors are inclusive to address the needs of Persons with Disabilities.
-Needs and concerns of Persons with Disabilities are effectively included in socio-economic empowerment programmed in Uganda.
“A Just and Fair Society where Persons with Disabilities live a Prosperous and Dignified life.
“To advocate for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in a Unified Voice for Improved Livelihoods”
NUDIPU cherishes the following values and principles; 1. Accountability and Transparency 2. Respect and Equality 3. Team Spirit 4. Equity 5. Unity in Diversity

More About Us

NUDIPU in collaboration with DPOs and other disability stakeholders.. 2020-2024 Goal!

National Union of Disabled persons of Uganda (NUDIPU) is an umbrella organization that advocates for the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities’ and their concerns in the mainstream development processes. NUDIPU strategic plan 2020-2024 highlights progressive commitment on part of the government through legislative and policy frameworks which promote and protect the rights of Persons with Disabilities


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