Project Donor: SightSavers

Department: Economic Empowerment

Project Goal: Socio-economic empowerment of female and male youth with disabilities in Oyam, Nwoya, Gulu and Amuru by October 2026.

Project area: Gulu, Amuru, Oyam and Nwoya districts

Project period: 2022-2026

Project Target group

  1. Youth with disabilities entrepreneurs
  2. Job seekers with disabilities

Project Objectives/outcomes

  1. Business Development and access to skills and financial services by Entrepreneurs.
  2. Job seekers have the appropriate skills, and access to job markets to secure decent employment.
  3. Youth with disabilities meaningfully contribute to governance processes to raise awareness of the barriers they face and to promote a conducive business environment to operate their enterprises and secure decent employment

Project Activities:

  1. Provide business development skills training. Mobilize and train 120 entrepreneurs with disabilities across 4 districts of operation
  2. Build the capacity of OPDs to provide mentoring to entrepreneurs with disabilities. OPD youth wings in 4 districts shall be empowered.
  3. OPDs link youth with disabilities to extension services. Identify available extension services within respective districts and refer youth entrepreneurs with disabilities for extension services at parish and subcounty (technical guidance) relevant to their industry.
  4. OPDs develop strategic partnerships with pioneering Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) and retail banks.

Expected impact of the action on its target group/beneficiaries:

Technical: 480 youth with disabilities completing employment-related training (including 240 linked to MSMEs for apprenticeships and 120 to VTI vocational skills courses.)

120 MSMEs trained on business development

60 VTI staff receive training on disability inclusion


Economic: 120 Entrepreneurs (youth with disabilities, particularly young women with disabilities with existing businesses) access appropriate business development services and finance products to grow their businesses

240 young women and men with disabilities entering employment in MSMEs owned by young women and men with disabilities.


Social: Social behaviour change targeting parents, guardians, and other family members of youths with disability to create conducive environment for the economic empowerment of youth with disabilities.


Policy: Regulatory environment and requisite enablers at the parish, district and national levels strengthened to enhance access to employment and social protection including creating accountability mechanisms for Government commitments related to economic empowerment for young men and women with disabilities.

Key stakeholders:

  1. MSMEs run by youth with disabilities.
  2. Youth with disabilities.
  3. Parents and guardians of youth with disabilities
  4. Youth wings of organizations of persons with disabilities
  5. District level government officials
  6. National Disability Coordination Committee
  7. Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
  8. National Council of Disability
  9. Vocational Training Institutes
  10. Apprenticeship centres
  11. Banks, financial institutions and business development service providers
  12. Gender Based Violence (GBV) networks
  13. Parish Development Committees
  14. Challenges Worldwide
  15. NUDIPU is an OPD umbrella organisation.
  16. NUWODU