An inclusive population census for all persons with disabilities; A call for action by Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS).

As Uganda prepares to conduct the population census in May 2024, NUDIPU held an engagement meeting with Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) to review the draft 2023 population questionnaire/ tool in a bid to ensure that it captures all the various disability categories. Among the participants included representatives from organizations of persons with disabilities who were mobilized by NUDIPU to take part in this meeting and ensure that no one is left out during the population census and a representative from Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.

The purpose of this meeting was to enrich the data collection tool and agree on which areas UBOS can hinge on to come up with reliable data that can further distinguish illness from disability.

Besides improving access and usage of ICTs by Persons with Disabilities, the initiative aims at enabling Persons with Disabilities to participate fully and equally in the information society. Persons with Disability groups received web-based platforms, social media and training on safety and management of websites, as well as desktop computers with internet subscription.

NUDIPU together with representatives from organizations of persons with disabilities during the review of the questionnaire tool for the population census.

Using the Washington group of questions, UBOS was guided during the review of the tool to ensure that it meets the national demand first and ensure that all the disability categories are captured. “As we prepare for the census, NUDIPU will be involved in training of trainers to ensure disability inclusion”. Said Mr. Vicent Fred Ssenono head of department, Demography and social statistics at UBOS.

Mr. Vicent Fred Ssenono the head of department, Demography and social statistics UBOS.

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