Amplified: Empowering Persons with Disabilities through Digital Inclusion Training in Eastern Uganda

Organisers of the Digital Training together with the representatives of the six District Unions during the Digital Skills and Advocacy Training

In complementing government efforts towards achieving an inclusive digital world, Unwanted Witness in partnership with National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda- NUDIPU through its Digital Inclusion and Innovation programme are supporting persons with disability groups from the districts unions of; Iganga, Mbale, Mayuge, Jinja, and Kamuli. 

Besides improving access and usage of ICTs by Persons with Disabilities, the initiative aims at enabling Persons with Disabilities to participate fully and equally in the information society. Persons with Disability groups received web-based platforms, social media and training on safety and management of websites, as well as desktop computers with internet subscription.




while appreciating Unwanted Witness, Mr.  JOHN CHRIS NINSIIMA, DIRECTOR PROGRAMS -NUDIPU thanked them for providing computers and an internet subscription for a full year for each District Union’s Website. He advised on the need for the District Unions to continue with resources mobilisation to enable sustainability of their websites.  enough resources to continue paying for their websites.

“we entered an understanding with Unwanted Witness to implement this project of Amplified, the reasons we chose to do that are threefold; the trend of social development is going digital and Persons with Disabilities are left behind in almost all such initiatives”. Says Mr. Ninsiima. This is to ensure that the Persons with Disabilities get onto the digital journey to be able to compete and to live in a digital world.


higher when considered on an individual basis because the organizations also serve different groups of people and lead to a bigger number of beneficiaries”. CHRIS KALEMA, THE DIGITAL INCLUSION AND INNOVATION LEAD AT UNWANTED WITNESS AND THE AMPLIFIED PROJECT LEAD

The Amplified project has made sure that these organisations have their websites and social media platforms. As Unwanted Witness, we ensure that everyone has equal access to digital technology and opportunities.” Chris Kalema Digital and Inclusion Lead, Unwanted Witness and the Amplified Program Lead  

“The amplified project by Unwanted Witness has created an opportunity for us to let the world know what we are doing. Initially, we could send them to NUDIPU, our head office but the amplified has empowered us digitally.”KAGGWA ROBERT, ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT OF LUUKA DISTRICT UNION OF PWDS

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