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Capacity Building

This program area focuses on building the capacity of NUDIPU including the District Unions (DUs) and National Disabled Persons organisation (NDPOs). This program focuses on human resources development, institutional development and Resource Mobilisation.

This programme strives to achieve the following objectives:
1. Build capacity of NUDIPU secretariat and governance to unit members of all PWDs categories
2. Build capacity of NDPOs and DUs to provide holistic services to PWDs


1. The Rights of Persons with disabilities in Uganda.
This project was designed by Disabled People’s Organisation Denmark (DPOD) in conjunction with the National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU) in response to the recovery efforts in Northern Uganda. The most affected of all, were People with disabilities with many of whom became disabled as a result of the war.
Despite interventions made by stake holders, surveys indicated PWDs were substantially marginalised and left out of economic development and recovery in Northern Uganda. This project therefore aims at an inclusive society in Uganda, where persons with disabilities can live a degnified and exercise their rights.
The programme targets seven district of Gulu, Amuru, Kitgum, Lamwo, Nwoya, Agago and Pader. It targets PWDs, decision makers, and service providers.

Immediate objective:

  • Inclusion of PWDs
  • organisational development

2. Capacity Building for organisations of persons with disabilities in Uganda.
This project is funded by CODAID. The project is a three year
a three year project (2009-2012) to be implemented at national and local levels. This project was conceived following the recommendations of the NUDIPU Organisational Assessment and the current priority areas of NUDIPU as stipulated in the strategic plan (2008-2013.).

improve the standard of living of Persons with Disabilities through buidling the capacity of leaders of ten national DPOs, four District Unions and twelve sub-county associations to influence service delivery in favour of PWDs by 2012.

At the national level, the project targets 10 national Disabled Peoples Organisations and NUDIPU Secretariat while at the local level the project will be implemented in three sub-counties in the four selected districts of Mpigi, Kiboga,Bushenyi and Rukungiri.

Expected Outcomes:

  • A strong cadre of leaders in ten National DPOs, four DUs and twelve SAs created to effectively influence service delivery in favour of PWDs by 2013.
  • Capacity of leaders of PWDs at national level and in four districts enhanced to engage HIV & AIDS service providers for provision of disability friendly services by 2013.
  • Institutional capacity of NUDIPU Strengthened to effectively manage the organisation by 2013.

3. Promoting disability mainstreaming in community development programmes.
This programme is funded by ADD International. it is designed to strengthen the structures of new districts.
A baseline by NUDIPU in 2009 conducted in 4 districts covering 16 sub counties found that none of the councils had received a motion on disability during its mandate and thus no disability specific resolution had been passed in any of the sub counties surveyed. Because of the above scenario, many disabled people have remained excluded from various development interventions especially those of better livelihoods, and the promotion/protection of their rights. The project will therefore build the capacity of PWDs elected representatives to influence decision making processes. The project will support groups of PWDs with Income Generating Activities for demonstration and shared learning.

Project Goal:
Improve the standard of living of PWDs through building the capacity of 2 District Unions and sub-county Associations strengthened to advocate for disability mainstreaming in
Community development programmes.


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