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Ms. Florence Nightingale Mukasa

Ms. Florence Nightingale MukasaMs. Florence Nightingale Mukasa was born on 16th November 1961 as hearing child and later became deaf at an age of seven. She has been an employee of the Uganda national Association (UNAD) from  1993 – 2001  as a National Sign Language Co-ordinator , 2001 – 2003 as a Gender Officer, 2004 to  2009  the National Gender and Theatre Co-ordinator and from 2010 to 2012 as the Gender & Vulnerable Group Co-ordinator in the organization. She attended Sign Language Research Workshop at Bristol University in United Kingdom; Florence is one of the first deaf to write the Uganda Manual in Sign Language (USL). Florence holds Diplomas, Vast experiences in both local and international exposure and certificates in the fight for the rights of women and children with disabilities and specifically the deaf girl child.

Florence has fought hard against rapist of children with disabilities in the courts of laws in Uganda with outstanding impacts. She has forced the courts of Laws to re-arrest the rapist by showing them that the children raped are not idiots but human beings. She looks after abandoned Deaf children and a counselor to parents of children with disabilities encouraging them to take the children to school.  She is fluent in Uganda Sign Language and a user of international Signs. She is a facilitator /consultant on Sign Language, Women with Disability and development for various agencies including the TASO.  She was the first person to voluntarily sensitize groups / clubs of Deaf members about HIV/AIDs. She is a Board member of NUDIPU representing Deaf women.


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