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By Joseph Malinga My name is Alfred Achire. I am married to Janet Akwero and we have just had our first born child. I am one of the PWDs that have benefited from the NUDIPU livelihood project. I came to benefit after a NUDIPU officer visited us at Amuru town council and mobilised us into groups in order to access services. We formed groups called Lungoto benechamo disabled group.

When we formed the group of 30 members, they then trained us on saving and credit management. We started saving and borrowing to finance income generating activities. I have so far borrowed twice. I first borrowed shs 60000, which used to beef up my shop business. The second time I borrowed shs 80,000 that I still used on my business. We charge 10 percent as interest, payable after three months.  The group is doing well. We have saved up to shs 1200,000.

I am happy because the savings have helped my business to grow.  My business is worth shs 200,000 and my profit margin is about shs 40,000.

My life has changed because previously it was so difficult accessing loans from the bank. Now I can access money with easy. In fact, being a member of the group has helped me a lot. It opened my eyes to think focused. From my saving as well my meagre profits I am now constructing a lockup at the Town council where I plan to shift my business soon.  I would like to say that this project has been able to give me a hoe. It is now up to me to choose either to dig or not. You know there is a saying that it is better to teach someone how to fish than giving him/her fish. I am grateful to NUDIPU for giving me opportunity to learn how to fish.

The only challenge I experience is that my capital is still very small. How I wish NUDFIPU could give me a top up of only shs 500,000 I would have been able to maximise my opportunities.


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