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By Joseph Malinga Ms Rose Lamunu is my name. I am 40 years old and a resident of lamoo village, Amuru Sub County. Together with my husband Mr Nyeko Santos we have four children-one girl and three boys.  I am a member of Can- okwero- mone group, formed by NUDIPU.

I have also benefited under the Trust fund- one of the strategies the programmes uses to reach the beneficiaries. Here beneficiaries apply for the funds and those with viable projects are the ones who receive the funds.

I received two goats, which have overtime the multiplied.  I now have altogether 10 goats. I was trained on goat rearing although it is my husband who is charged with managing the goats.

 From the trainings NUDIPU provided me, I have been able to diversify my income sources. I do some agricultural work as well as business. I sell produce such as millet, maize, sorghum, beans, and cassava. I started the business with the agricultural harvest I had stored.

I think with this business my life won’t remain the same because at least I am able to meet my basic needs even with minimal support from my husband. Initially life was a bit hard before I joined the group. We are 30 members in the group. I think this group is worthwhile.

 I was always doing business but on small scale but when NUDIPU mobilised us into a group and taught us to save, I have been able to borrow money to boost my business. I have so far borrowed shs 50,000 payable in three months period with a 5% interest.

My capital is worth shs 200,000. I buy the produce from Pakwatch and within Amuru.  However, my challenge is that I just send people to purchase for me the stock. Sometimes I imagine what I receive might not reflect the cost and yet I can’t hold the persons I could have sent accountable.

The other challenge is that the family needs are quite enormous yet my income base is still very meagre. My daily sales range between shs 10,000-50,000. My expenditure ranges between 3000-5000 per day. I only save shs 3000 per week. I wish NUDIPU could help me increase my capital. In addition, I need some refresher training to help us become self-reliant.


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