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The diminishing funding opportunities is increasingly frustrating development efforts by non-governmental organizations (NGO) working to improve the livelihoods of the vulnerable communities such as persons with disabilities.

In light of the above, Dr Rose Namara, a lecturer and specialist in management at Uganda Management Institute, observes that NGOs now need to strategically situate themselves to overcome the challenge. She was on September, 21, 2015 giving a talk on the state of NGOs in Uganda during NUDIPU’s Organisation Assessment three days’ workshop held at NUDIPU’s Head office in Bukoto.

Namara notes that some NGOs have out lived their relevance, which is why many can no longer attract funding.

“NGOs are development tools, and like any other development tools, there is a time when they actually become inappropriate. Meaning that there is now need to pay attention to change,” she observed. “Be innovative. Move with the moving world and address issues of persons with disabilities holistically,” she advised. Indeed, with the world increasingly becoming global, it is only those NGOs that are keen to embracing change that will live to see the next day.   


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