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  • Our rights are under threat
  • negative attitude among government officials and service providers still high
  • Poverty is a major contributor to violation of our rights

NUDIPU beneficiery expalining how

One of the beneficieries in Lira explains the challenges she faces as PWD living positively

Local authorities in the districts of Nebbi and Lira say the rights of persons with disabilities are still far from being realised, despite National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda (NUWODU) and National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU) making interventions to combat the abuse of PWDs right.

The concern comes at the backdrop of both organisations’ plan to phase out their support. NUWODU is implementing Sexual Reproductive Health Project in Nebbi, while NUDIPU is implementing HIV/AIDS project in Lira district. Both projects are part of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Programme funded by Disabled Peoples Organisations Denmark (DPOD) with support from DANIDA.

The officials while meeting a joint learning team that included implementing staff from both organisations as well as DOPD representatives indicated that both projects had tremendously performed very well interns of achieving the set objectives, however, their fear is that there are no clear government strategies to takeover and sustain the achievements so far realised.

In Nebbi, several Women with Disabilities testified of how the project has ensured that they are no longer raped or tortured by their spouses or community members due to sensitisation and trainings offered to police, health workers and community members. In Lira, PWDs testified how they now access HIV/Aids services unlike before. It was also reported that Lira district local government passed a policy on access to health services by PWDs which has since ensured that PWDs access health services as a matter of priority.  

These and other achievements are what the local officials fear might regress once the projects are phased without clear sustainability plan. They note that the coverage has been so limited that not all PWDs in the two districts have been reached. Whereas SRH project is being implemented in only three sub counties in Nebbi out of 15 sub counties, HIV/AIDs project is implemented in three sub countries in Lira out of 13 sub counties.

Officials are now requesting both NUWODU and NUDIPU to extend the project to ensure that more PWDs are reached.



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