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About NUDIPU: Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision: A dignified society for all Our Mission: A unified voice for PWDs for the full realisation of their rights and inclusive development through support and advocacy.
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Disability and Human Rights
  • Disability and HIV/AIDS
  • Capacity building
  • In order to efficiently implement activities under the four programme areas, NUDIPU will use the following approaches
  • Networking and coordination
  • Advocacy
  • Rights based approach
  • Capacity building
  • Research and documentation
  • Gender and Youth Mainstreaming
  • NUDIPU Values
  • Accountable and transparency (Honesty and integrity)
  • Respect
  • Love and compassion
  • Team spirit
  • Equity
  • Unity in diversity for PWDs
  • NUDIPU Objectives
    To facilitate the achievement of its mission and provide meaningful services to the membership, NUDIPU pursues the following strategic objectives:
  • Mobilize PWDs to form groups and organisations for collective social action.
  • Influence the formulation of disability-friendly legislation, focusing on relevant Acts of Parliament, national policies, policy implementation guidelines and by-laws.
  • Improve on the social and economic situation of PWDs through support for employment opportunities.
  • Promote the delivery of services to PWDs through networking and collaboration with Government and other service providers.
  • Enhance awareness on the needs, limitations, potentials and rights of PWDs so as to improve and/or change society's attitude towards them.
  • Promote the inclusion of PWDs and their interests in mainstream development through removal of social, information and physical barriers in the political, economic, social and technological environment.

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