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NUDIPU's membership is comprised of district unions of PWDs, established in all the districts of Uganda; plus national uni-disability organisations of PWDs. Being an umbrella organisation, NUDIPU does not directly deal with individual PWDs, but provides information and guidance to them regarding appropriate groups/associations to join.

It also advises on the formation of new groups and supports such groups to grow into fully fledged associations.
Our membership is under the following categories; full member, associate member, and honorary. Full members are entitled to full participation in the programs and activities of NUDIPU, make decisions on the running of the organizations and to participate in the election of new board members during the general Assembly.
With the creation of several district in the country, NUDIPU memberships in as far as district is concerned has equally grown to 112 district Unions, up from original 56 district unions. The national disabled people’s organisations are numbering to 14. They among others with full membership include:

  • Uganda National Association of the Blind (UNAB)

  • Uganda National Association of the Deaf (UNAD)

  • Uganda National Action on Physical Disabilities (UNAPD)
  • National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda (NUWODU)
  • Mental Health Uganda (MHU)
  • Uganda Parents of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (UPPD)
  • Epilepsy Support Association of Uganda (ESAU)
  • Management

    NUDIPU structure comprises of three organs, namely:
    General Assembly: This is the supreme policy making body of NUDIPU that meets once in every five years to among other things, elect the Board of Directors, review the Constitution and consider any amendments thereto; consider plans and reports from the Board. The General Assembly comprises of delegates from the membership district unions and national uni-disability organisations of PWDs. 

    The Board of Directors (BOD): This is an executive authority of the organisation which makes policy decisions on behalf of the Assembly, monitors the day-to-day running of the Union, appoints and manages the secretariat.

    Secretariat: This is the implementing organ of the Union, which manages all the programmes, implements decisions of the Board, and takes care of the day-to-day running of the Union. The secretariat reports to the Board of Directors.


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