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About Us

The National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU), is an indigenous umbrella NGO of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), formed in November 1987. It brings together all categories of disabilities including the physically, sensory and mentally impaired people.

The coalition has always worked to break the tradition that tended to treat PWDs as objects of charity and medical care.

NUDIPU exists to promote the equalisation of opportunities and active participation of PWDs in mainstream development processes. This is pursued through participation in policy planning, capacity building, awareness enhancement and resource mobilisation.

We believe that the position of disabled people in society is a human and civil rights issue and that society must be changed to allow our full inclusion. The development needs of disabled people do not differ from the rest of the population; increased income, better mobility/transport, more access to education, health and employment.

Our main focus is to promote Non-discrimination, full and effective participation of PWDs in mainstream development programs, accessibility to physical infrastructure and information and to influence legislations in favour of PWDs.

NUDIPU believes that to achieve ‘A Dignified Society for All’, PWDs need to be empowered economically. Society recognizes those who are economically well off thus our programming tends to make PWDs self reliant.

Support from our development partners such as Abilis Foundation, APT UK and NAD perso Edson presentingns with disabilities has helped us nature self-reliance in disability.

Disabled Persons Organization Denmark has also supported NUDIPU to mobilize and build the capacity of PWDs to influence service provision at the lower local levels more especially access to finance, agricultural equipments and services from government and other development partners.


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